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Discover Ayurveda with a box from Kalsi. Every month we deliver a selection of natural and cruelty-free treats to your doorstep that will make your skin glow and bring harmony to your soul. The time has come to balance your doshas!

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Each Kalsi box contains 5-7 products according to your personal ayurvedic profile including…

# Aromatherapy

# Yogi Treats

# Ayurvedic Herbs & Tools

# Vegan Snacks

# Herbal Teas

# Natural Skincare

Kalsi Box Highlights

  • Cruelty free and vegan products
  • Learn more about ayurveda and balancing your doshas
  • Personalised boxes according to your Ayurvedic profile
  • Enhance your yoga practice
  • No contract involved
  • 5-7  products each month
  • World Wide Shipping

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How it works...

1) Discover your dosha???

According to Ayurveda, there are three principle energies that flow throughout our bodies. These energies are known as doshas. The doshas govern all physical, mental and emotional processes and each individual has a unique blend of the following fundamental elements…

As we progress through our hectic lives, it often happens that our doshas become out of balance, which then leads to an accumulation of toxins within our bodies. The ayurvedic philosophy is that the vast majority of illnesses can be prevented (rather than treated) if only we embrace a healthy lifestyle and make choices that are correct for balancing our unique constitution of the doshas. The first step to understanding these principles (which have been practiced in India for more than 5000 years) is to determine our personal doshic profile. You can do so right here by taking our dosha test…

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2) Select the Kalsi Box that's right for you...

Once you’ve received your dosha test results, you can then subscribe to the relevant ‘Kalsi box’ and we will introduce you to 100% natural beauty products, tasty snacks and herbal remedies that are hand selected according to your personal ayurvedic profile!!! 😀

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