Why Ayurveda?

Just as yoga has the power to balance one’s mind through physical movement (asanas) and breath (prana), Ayurveda similarly seeks balance, but through following a personalised set of lifestyle choices. These rules are determined by one’s own unique blend of the three principle energies that govern our universe (the doshas). Think of Ayurveda as being like a road map, that will lead you closer to the very best version of you. Where you can realise your true potential and live happily, harmoniously and healthily ever after!

Ayurveda Health Benefits.

✔︎ make personalised dietary and lifestyle choices that work well for you.✔︎ find more harmony through the foods you eat.✔︎ develop your very own self-care ritual, inspired by Ayurveda.✔︎ master the art of ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’ as a system for maintaining health.✔︎ understand the doshas and how they function in your mind and body.✔︎connect more with nature. Not just that of the natural world, but also the nature of your unique personality (mind/body constitution).