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Tickle My Tongue Box

What's inside...

Copper Tongue Scraper - Kalsi AyurvedaHerbal Tea - Pukka HerbsNatural Gold Water - Aur'aPopped Lotus Seeds - Karma BitesOrganic Facial Serum - Terre VerdiAyurvedic Soap - ChandrikaIncense Sticks - Organic Goodness

The 'tickle my tongue' box includes a really lovely selection of Ayurvedic inspired treats. The main product featured in this box is our Kalsi Copper Tongue Scraper; giving us the chance to introduce you to tongue scraping and tell you more about the health benefits of embracing this ancient Ayurvedic ritual. You'll also find an award-winning organic facial serum from Terre Verdi with a retail price tag of £40, offering you excellent value for money.Let's dive in and see what's inside...

Copper Tongue Scraper
Kalsi Ayurveda

Some of you might be asking “what on earth is that weird looking copper tool inside my Kalsi Box this month?!!” 🤔 Say hello to one of Ayurveda’s most prized ancient rituals – tongue scraping.

Every night when we sleep, our bodies attempt to push toxins out from our bodies. Just as we get sand in our eyes, our digestive system similarly tries to expel toxins, by depositing nasties from the gut onto the surface of our tongue. Now, if you take a close look at your tongue first thing in the morning, you will often notice a thin white layer. The conventional method of brushing ones teeth first thing in the morning means we end up massaging this white scummy layer deep into the tongue tissue 😱. Our bodies have worked so hard through the night to push this unwanted stuff to the surface and all we end up doing is pushing it further back down again!!!! Ayurveda provides an ancient and very simple solution of tongue scraping FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.

Copper is naturally anti-bacterial, which makes this particular tongue scraper especially good to use. It might take some time to get used to the ritual of tongue scraping, so go slowly in the beginning to avoid retching.

How To Use Your Tongue Scraper

Stand in front of the mirror and scrape your tongue by simply holding the two ends of the scraper in both hands, sticking out your tongue, and placing the scraper as far back on your tongue as possible. With a firm but gentle pressure, scrape the surface of your tongue in one long stroke. Rinse the scraper and repeat until your tongue feels clean and is free of coating (usually 5 to 10 times).

Tongue scraping has many benefits and once you begin this daily ayurvedic ritual you will hopefully notice the following benefits…

fresher breathe throughout the day
improved immune system
improved digestion
improved taste
reduction in dental related issues

Nourishing Facial Serum

Terre Verdi

Terre Verdi is committed to bringing you ethically-sourced products, lovingly crafted from organic ingredients that heal your skin and soothe your soul. Terre Verdi is one of the earliest UK based companies to manufacture COSMOS Organic products, and the first to manufacture a water based face moisturiser to gain COSMOS Organic. We hope you will enjoy using these divine facial serums as much as we do.

The Vata skin type is typically dry and dehydrated, making this facial serum the perfect partner to combat distressed, dry and wrinkly skin. In ayurveda, it’s quite common to be a “Vata type”, but not have “Vata skin”.

Even if this facial serum does not match your skin type, we still think it’s entirely Vata balancing, with it’s inclusion of sweet and stabilising patchouli essential oils. Patchouli is extremely balancing for Vata and contains a number of antioxidants that have been shown to have antidepressant effects. So, if you’re ever having a “Vata moment” and need to feel reassured and grounded, then we recommend lovingly massaging a couple of drops of this serum in and around your neck and jaw line to alleviate any tension.

This facial serum by Terre Verde is a great all-rounder, but especially good for kapha and pitta skin types, which tend to be either oily, acne-prone or simply in need of some tender love and care. In ayurveda it’s perfectly possible to have a different skin type to what is common for your dominant dosha.

All three doshas are present in every living soul and take prominence at different stages in the day, season and various stages of life. The scent of this facial serum is woody with earthy undertones of sweet geranium and spicy frankincense, giving it a mildly sweet and spicy vibe!  It’s 99% organic, certified by Soil Association COSMOS, and Cruelty Free certified. 100% natural and vegan.

Masala Incense

Organic Goodness

Organic goodness incense is handmade in India, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no child labour is used and no animal by-products either. What’s even better is that we’ve sourced them via ‘Shared Earth’, meaning a purchase of this incense helps support over 10,000 families in India. It also helps support kids who are very poor and have lost one or both of their parents by providing schooling. Funds from the sale of this incense helps pay school fees, transportation, uniforms, stationery, extra tuition when needed, medical care and any other things required to help those children prosper in their individual vision.

The supremely sweet and earthly scents of patchouli are perfect for keeping your Vata dosha in balance. The Organic Goodness range is prepared with 96% organic material. The incense cones have been carefully produced with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

The aromas of sandalwood are calming and cooling, making these incense cones perfect for balancing Pitta. The Organic Goodness range is prepared with 96% organic material. The incense cones have been carefully produced with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

White Sage is most commonly used for purifying the air and cleansing any negative energy. If you feel the need to remove some bad vibes around you, then this is the incense to use. In aromatherapy, White Sage is used to stimulate the mind and help address mental fatigue and depression; all of which are common Kapha imbalances.

Popped Lotus Seeds
Karma Bites

For hundreds of years practitioners of Ayurveda have used the seeds of the lotus flower to help keep the mind and body in perfect harmony. Lotus seeds are supposed to have a calming effect and are antispasmodic, meaning they aid relaxation, relieve nervousness and promote good sleep.

These delightfully popped lotus seeds from Karma Bites make the perfect snack to enjoy in your Kalsi Box this month. They’ve been carefully harvested and lovingly prepared, popped in a low heat before being flavoured to perfection. They are gluten and dairy free , low in fat, vegan friendly and also offer a source of protein. Good Karma starts from within!

Ayurvedic Soap

Suitable for all skin types this special bar of soap provides a perfect all-over Ayurvedic Therapy to cleanse and nourish you. The fragrances and benefits of Sandalwood, Coconut and Patchouli add aromatic joy to moisturising and gentle cleansing.

The undisputed goodness of natural vegetable oils and herbs are used to create this perfect way to massage the skin and refresh the senses. Chandrika have been making this soap since 1940 but the benefits of its three main ingredients have been known in Ayurveda for centuries. Coconut Oil replenishes and soothes the skin making it supple and soft as well as providing Vitamin E and antioxidants. Sandalwood Extracts help to cool and tone the body whilst filling our senses with that wonderful aroma. Patchouli Oil also provides its unforgettable earthy fragrance and has antifungal and healing properties. No animal fat is used and no products are tested on animals.

Herbal Teas

Pukka Herbs

Enjoy a herbal brew from one of the world’s most popular organic tea brands! In Pukka’s very own words “Ayurveda is our inspiration”, making them an obvious choice to feature inside our Kalsi boxes. Read more about the teas we have selected for your doshas below…

In Ayurveda ginger is referred to as Maha aushadham, meaning ‘great medicine’. Ginger is helpful in relieving anorexia. It improves taste, balances Vata, promotes digestion and relieves constipation. Three Ginger tea is a warming swirl of organic ginger, galangal & golden turmeric.The world’s favourite spice, ginger – it knows important things. It knows that when inner fires fizzle and yawns roam free, rekindling starts with a feast of sweet galangal and golden turmeric. Inner fire, prepare to glow. So come alight with this lovely warming organic herbal brew.

A blend that is floral, soothing and rosy sounds just perfect for balancing your Pitta dosha! This tea embodies nature’s gift of Fair Wild flowers that will love you every step of the way. A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul. A tea made with love, dedicated to love and called Love. How lovely is that? 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients: Chamomile flower (25%), limeflower, elder flower, marigold petal, licorice root, rose flower (5%) lavender flower (5%).

The Kapha dosha tends to get a bit sluggish and sedentary at times and one of the best ways to balance your Kapha is to get up and get moving! In this way the Revitalise tea, brought to you by Pukka herbs, makes the perfect herbal brew to wake you up and invigorate you!

The aroma itself is incredible, but the real show begins when you add steaming hot water. From the spicy flash of cinnamon, ginger and cloves, the aromatic pop of cardamom and orange, to the flicker of spearmint and green tea. This is a tea to welcome your senses back to life.

Gold and Silver Charged Water


If you’ve already received our ‘BALANCE MY DOSHA‘ box then we would have already introduced to the ayurvedic ritual of drinking copper-charged water. Now it’s time for us to talk a little about “gold” and “silver” charged water too.

For centuries, metals have been an integral component in the treatment and healing therapies of Ayurveda. From fine powdered substances (Bhasmas) to simple water, metals have been added to ayurvedic formulations in order to alleviate certain conditions and disorders.

Gold has a heating quality and is especially good for strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, increasing stamina and assisting with any respiratory related issues such as breathlessness and asthma. In this way gold-water has properties that are especially pacifying for Vata and Kapha types.

Silver has a cooling quality and is especially good for treating Pitta imbalances relating to excess heat. Silver (like copper) also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is great for building strength, stamina and treating heartburns and fevers.

So to sum up…

Gold  is pacifying for Vata and Kapha while Silver is pacifying for Pitta.

Taking things onto another level, we recently were so happy to have discovered this miraculous water from Au’ra. It has rightfully won numerous awards and in light of us talking about gold and silver water, well this water from Au’ra naturally contains pH 8.28, gold and silver colloid content!!!!

The water comes from the Ursoanea Spring, located in Ocna de Fier (Caras Severin County), at the foot of the Golden Hawk Mountains (Masivul Cracul de Aur) in the Banat Mountains, Romania.