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Tranquil Tulsi Box

What's inside...

Tulsi Tea - Heath & HeatherCalm Balm - Skin & TonicTulsi & Neem Yogi Soap - Holy LamaTulsi Incense - Ancient Tibetan BrandMother Earth Foot Mask - OvviovitaPopped Sourghum - Not CornNatural Energy Drink - Brain Fud

Say hello to Tulsi – aka Holy Basil (Queen of the herbs) and one of Ayurveda’s most prized plants! Tulsi is a miraculous herb that can benefit just about anyone. In the traditional Vedic texts, Tulsi is described as being the most sacred plant on earth! We could spend all day talking about the spiritual and medicinal benefits of Tulsi, but to give you a quick teaser, let’s just begin by describing Tulsi as “liquid yoga”. In a similar way to yoga, Tulsi’s properties help to nourish the holistic self, while bestowing a mellowed-out sense of wellbeing. And, like yoga, Tulsi bestows clarity, awareness, and calmness. Inside this Tulsi-themed box you will find a lovely Yogi Soap from Holy Lama, which recently won an award for it's innovative natural and eco-friendly packaging (wrapped in a palm leaf). To keep in line with our grounding tulsi theme, we've also included a restorative "calm balm" from Skin & Tonic plus an Ayurvedic foot clay from Ovviovita.

Calm Balm

Skin & Tonic

A delightful way to find some ‘Calm in the Chaos’ comes from using this dreamy creamy balm. Breathe in the lovely fragrance to help restore balance to your doshas as you relax and calm your mood. Skin & Tonic have used 100% natural oils and Shea butter, together with chamomile, calendula and lavender, making this the perfect balm to set your intention for the next yoga class. The calm balm simultaneously soothes dry or damaged skin, aids restful sleep and relieves stress.

Apply Calm Balm to your wrists and temples before sleeping and experience the beautiful dreamy aroma in order to relax. Perfect for soothing nerves during long-haul air travel and for soothing dry skin. This multifunctional ‘friend’ helps those with Eczema, insomnia and stress. All dosha types will benefit from its balancing and nourishing qualities.  Perfect.

Yogi Soap

Holy Lama

The Yogi soap benefits from the unique properties of Ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals – neem and tulsi. Neem has many medicinal properties anthelmintic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antiviral and sedative.

Neem products are also used in selectively controlling pests in plants. It is considered a major component in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine, and is particularly prescribed for skin disease. Tulsi: Extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and malaria.

Holy Lama is a proud member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers (BAFTS). They support cruelty-free production, oppose animal testing, and have their products registered with the Vegan Society. The cherry on the cake with this soap is the natural and biodegradable packaging they use. Each soap is beautifully packed in a handmade shell made from the leaf of areca palm tree. The tree sheds these leaves regularly, and they mould them to form a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Tulsi Incense

Tibetan Brand

Sit back with a hot herbal brew of Tulsi tea and light one of these delightful incense sticks to complete your sattvic ritual this month. As the packaging explains “Tulsi is much more than a plant”.

Tulsi incense is known for uplifting your mood and sharpening your senses. It’s also used widely in India to repel insects and mosquitoes, so perhaps consider packing this one into your suitcase for your next holiday.

Green Tea and Tulsi

Heather and Heath

Rama Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has been treasured in India for generations. The lightly spiced herbal undertones are perfectly balanced with this smooth and delicate organic green tea. Tulsi has been used in Ayurveda for centuries and is one of those magical Ayurvedic herbs that can benefit just about everyone.

It belongs to the group of herbs in ayurveda known as “sattvic”, which is infused with the qualities of lightness, clarity, intelligence, compassion, and wisdom.

Mother Earth Foot Mask


Feel the tingle as your feet are reborn with this kaolin clay based mixture of Ayurvedic herbs formulated with essential oils, which have anti fungal, brightening, and circulation properties. This great herbal foot mask will help to increase circulation, ease muscle aches and also fight bacteria and fungus.

This product has No Silicones, No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Fragrance and No Petroleum. Made in the UK, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.

Popped Sorghum

Not Corn

We are delighted to be introducing this new (much healthier alternative to Popcorn). Not.Corn is a gluten and wheat –free snack, suitable for vegans and best of all has no annoying bits which get stuck in your teeth!

It is popped from the grain of sorghum, which has been used in India and Ayurveda for centuries. Sorghum’s dry and heating qualities make it especially good for pacifying the Kapha dosha, but can also be enjoyed by Vata and Pitta types in moderation. The fibre content of Sorghum is really impressive! Each pack contains approx 3g of fibre! It is also loaded with rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even protein!

Natural Energy Drink


Brain Füd gives us the natural alternative to artificial energy drinks, energising body and mind with vitamins, electrolytes, and natural caffeine derived from guarana. This delicious drink contains no added sugar and the fruit juice is NOT from concentrate.

Hydrate and congratulate Brain Füd for a refreshing restorative energy drink. Citrus fruits sparkle and Mint awakens your bio-energy as you enjoy this invigorating and essential drink. Full of goodness and a chance to feel more lively and aware.