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The Kalsi Box is an Ayurveda-inspired subscription box. We have curated a selection of lifestyle boxes that can be delivered to your door and are designed to teach you a little something about Ayurveda inside every box.

Our boxes are available for immediate despatch via our Amazon store and also on a  bi-monthly (every 2 months) basis via our in-house subscription service.

We also like to personalise the boxes according to the different doshas and include a selection of natural, vegan and cruelty-free health and beauty products that are curated especially for balancing the different doshas (see below for more info).

Ayurveda is an ancient health system that has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years. It literally translates as the “science of life” and was originally designed to bring balance back into the body in order to heal itself from ailment. Just as yoga has the power to balance one’s mind through physical movement (asanas) and the breathe (prana), Ayurveda similarly seeks balance, but through following a personalised set of lifestyle choices. These rules are determined by one’s own unique blend of the three principle energies that govern our universe (the doshas). Think of Ayurveda therefore as being like a road map, that will lead you closer to the very best version of you. Where you can realise your true potential and live happily, harmoniously and healthily ever after!

Ayurveda recognises that there are three-primal energies that govern the universe and these principle life forces are known as doshas. The doshas are condensed from different combinations of the fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether (space) and are the life energies behind all of our mental and bodily functions…

Vata – Made up from Air & Ether

Pitta – Made up from Fire & Water

Kapha – Made up from Water & Earth

All three doshas are present in everyone and everything, but in different proportions and it is this unique combination of the elements that makes our very own unique ayurvedic profile. The vast majority of people will have one dominant dosha, while a few of us will have two dominant doshas (dual-doshic) and in some very rare cases, people will be made up of all three doshas in equal proportion (tri-doshic). In fact, the particular ratio of vata, pitta, and kapha within us provides a blueprint to discover our own optimal health and to determine our unique strengths and vulnerabilities. You can take the dosha test to establish your ayurvedic profile and then subscribe to the relevant Kalsi box to receive handpicked products and information to learn more about balancing your doshas.

Every Kalsi Box will be slightly different, but you can expect to find 5-7 full sized products inside each one. Not everything will be “Ayurvedic” per se (we try our best) but we hope that each Kalsi box will include at least one or two products that enable you to embrace and learn something new about Ayurveda and balancing your doshas. A typical box will probably include the following…

1x traditional Ayurvedic herb or prop

1x full size herbal tea product

1x full size natural beauty or skincare product

1x aromatherapy product or incense product

1x vegan snack

1x natural energy drink

1x additional yogi treat

This is a very rough idea of how we curate our boxes. Please see this page ( “Meet The Boxes” ) to explore the boxes we currently have in circulation.

We currently send and despatch our Kalsi Boxes within the United Kingdom and European Union only.

Shipping charges vary depending on where you are based and what subscription plan you choose (see ‘shop’ pages for details).

We apologise for any inconvenience, but we have recently stopped shipping our boxes outside of Europe. It was becoming too expensive and time consuming for us to maintain a high standard of customer service and also comply with the additional administration for declaring individual items to customs and duty.

There’s no contract involved when you use our service so you can either cancel or put your order on hold at anytime. The easiest way to do this is to visit the My Account page or alternatively email us via the form on the contact page .

It all depends where you are based and which service you are using.

UK customers who “subscribe” to our Kalsi boxes will get free shipping.

EU customers will have to pay an £8 surcharge.

We also sell some products and boxes from our range on our Amazon Store which are always ready for immediate despatch. Head over to the amazon store to see the shipping rates for individual products.

This very much depends on which payment option you select.

If you choose the 1-box plan then your card will be charged upfront for the first box and then on the same day every 2 months for up to 6 boxes, or until you decide to cancel (whichever comes first).

For example, if you setup the order on the 15th April, you will be charged initially for the first box and then the next payment will be taken on the 15th June for the 2nd box etc etc.

For all pre-paid subscriptions you will be charged upfront and in full for however many boxes you decide to order.

None of our pre-pay plans will automatically renew, so you can rest assured you only pay upfront for what you want to order.

Our Subscription Boxes are sent out on a bi-monthly basis in the following months…

January / March / May / July / September / November

We aim to despatch Kalsi boxes in the first 5 working days of the calendar months noted above. If there’s any delay we will let you know.

If you want a Kalsi box quicker than this, please visit our Amazon Store to see what boxes are ready for immediate despatch.

If your dosha test results indicate that you are a dual dosha, then please order the “seasonal box”. The doshas have different seasons and we will therefore send you the relevant Kalsi Box according to the time of year.

Please send us an email once you have setup the order if you have any special requirements. We will try our best to provide an alternative when possible.

There’s not actually a huge difference between the different dosha boxes. The products typically remain the same in each Kalsi box, but when possible, we will select a different herb, skincare item, flavour or aroma to be balancing and harmonising for the respective doshas. Some of the products we feature are from brands that have specially formulated products for the different doshas, in which case, each box will receive the relevant product according to the dosha type.

The only people who need to note a deadline for amending their order are those that sign up to our 1-box plan. This is because it’s a Rolling-Subscription Service with a payment taken every 2 months on the same day that you setup the order. In this way, you would need to let us know before the next payment is taken if you wish to amend or cancel your order.

All other plans are simply paid for upfront, with no automatic renewals involved.

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