Discover your current imbalances with the Kalsi Vikruti Test.

This test has been designed as a quick, simple and easy way for you to determine which doshas are currently out of balance in your mind and body right now. In Ayurveda, we describe imbalances (or aggravations) that you currently experience as being a consequence of the doshas either being “in” or “out” of balance in your mind and body. Answer the questions below to determine which dosha needs to be nourished, nurtured and balanced right now. Remember that in Ayurveda LIKE-INCREASES-LIKE, so whatever dosha comes out of the test result, you then need to focus on foods and lifestyle choices which are balancing/harmonising for that particular dosha. The best place for dosha-balancing tips is our instagram page, so please do follow us over there 🙏

(This test takes approximately 2 minutes).

Your Mind

Your Body

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