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Copper Water Bottle 500ml

Kalsi Ayurveda

Let’s begin our Ayurvedic journey and talk about one of Ayurveda’s most prized rituals…drinking water from a copper vessel. For centuries, people in India have been drinking water stored in copper containers.

There are numerous health benefits associated with drinking copper-charged water, which is said to…

– Be balancing for all three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)
– Stimulate the brain
– Aid in weight loss
– Slow down the ageing process
– Help with arthritis and joint pains
– Relieve aches and pains
– Contain anti-oxidants associated with preventing cancer
– Support the digestive system
– Promote the production of melanin in our bodies
– Maintain good cholesterol levels
– Regulate women’s menstrual cycles
– Prevent seizures
– Improve the immune system

Copper is naturally antibacterial and this partly explains why it’s been used for centuries as a safe instrument for storing and purifying water. Copper is also considered to be an essential mineral, that’s vital for our bodies and wellbeing. Traditionally, Ayurveda advises storing cold water in a copper vessel overnight and then drinking a glass first thing in the morning. The water should be stored for a minimum of eight hours in order for the copper to charge the water effectively. Copper is a highly reactive metal and you will instantly notice the distinct metallic flavour of the copper-charged water when you begin this morning ritual.


Any citrus-based drinks (lemon & lime for example), will react instantly with the bottle, causing an intensely bitter taste!!!

On that note, lemon juice and salt is the most traditional means for cleaning the bottle. If you do use this method, then make sure you let enough clean water run through the bottle before reusing.

Green Tea and Tulsi

Heather and Heath

Rama Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has been treasured in India for generations. The lightly spiced herbal undertones are perfectly balanced with this smooth and delicate organic green tea. Tulsi has been used in Ayurveda for centuries and is one of those magical Ayurvedic herbs that can benefit just about everyone.

It belongs to the group of herbs in ayurveda known as “sattvic”, which is infused with the qualities of lightness, clarity, intelligence, compassion, and wisdom.

Tulsi Incense

Tibetan Brand

Sit back with a hot herbal brew of Tulsi tea and light one of these delightful incense sticks to complete your sattvic ritual this month. As the packaging explains “Tulsi is much more than a plant”.

Tulsi incense is known for uplifting your mood and sharpening your senses. It’s also used widely in India to repel insects and mosquitoes, so perhaps consider packing this one into your suitcase for your next holiday.

Gold and Silver Charged Water


If you’ve already received our ‘BALANCE MY DOSHA‘ box then we would have already introduced to the ayurvedic ritual of drinking copper-charged water. Now it’s time for us to talk a little about “gold” and “silver” charged water too.

For centuries, metals have been an integral component in the treatment and healing therapies of Ayurveda. From fine powdered substances (Bhasmas) to simple water, metals have been added to ayurvedic formulations in order to alleviate certain conditions and disorders.

Gold has a heating quality and is especially good for strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, increasing stamina and assisting with any respiratory related issues such as breathlessness and asthma. In this way gold-water has properties that are especially pacifying for Vata and Kapha types.

Silver has a cooling quality and is especially good for treating Pitta imbalances relating to excess heat. Silver (like copper) also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is great for building strength, stamina and treating heartburns and fevers.

So to sum up…

Gold  is pacifying for Vata and Kapha while Silver is pacifying for Pitta.

Taking things onto another level, we recently were so happy to have discovered this miraculous water from Au’ra. It has rightfully won numerous awards and in light of us talking about gold and silver water, well this water from Au’ra naturally contains pH 8.28, gold and silver colloid content!!!!

The water comes from the Ursoanea Spring, located in Ocna de Fier (Caras Severin County), at the foot of the Golden Hawk Mountains (Masivul Cracul de Aur) in the Banat Mountains, Romania.

Popped Sorghum

Not Corn

We are delighted to be introducing this new (much healthier alternative to Popcorn). Not.Corn is a gluten and wheat –free snack, suitable for vegans and best of all has no annoying bits which get stuck in your teeth!

It is popped from the grain of sorghum, which has been used in India and Ayurveda for centuries. Sorghum’s dry and heating qualities make it especially good for pacifying the Kapha dosha, but can also be enjoyed by Vata and Pitta types in moderation. The fibre content of Sorghum is really impressive! Each pack contains approx 3g of fibre! It is also loaded with rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even protein!

Organic, Raw & Vegan Chocolate

Conscious Chocolate

In a strict Ayurvedic sense, raw chocolate is suitable for Kaphas in small amounts (for it’s mood enhancing qualities), but we think it would’ve been a bit cruel to remove such a delicious chocolate bar from the Vata and Pitta boxes, so everybody gets to enjoy this one! 😀

Secondly, at Kalsi, we are not like some of the “Ayurvedic Naysayers” out there. Sure, the doshas provide us with dietary guidelines, but rather than following these as a set of absolutes, we think it’s much better to view Ayurveda as a process; an intention or affirmation that you are taking small steps towards self-awareness and self-healing.

The point being, successfully following an Ayurvedic diet is not a matter of sticking to a strict set of dos and don’ts, or getting overly bogged down in the details. In fact, it is often far more helpful to pay attention to the generalities and overarching patterns.

There we said it… RANT OVER and time for EVERYONE to enjoy some chocolate! 🙌

Conscious Chocolates launched from humble beginnings in 2004 and all of their bars are:

free from gluten
free from dairy
free from soya
free from refined sugars
low GI and GL index
suitable for diabetics
suitable for vegans
suitable for raw foodists
suitable for vegetarians
suitable for coeliacs
made with biodegradable and compostable packaging

We have selected the ‘Plain Jane’ bar for Kaphas.

Vatas are getting the “Essential Orange” flavoured bar, which (let’s face it) tastes a million times better than any other chocolate-orange bar on the market, because Conscious use orange essential oils to create the deep flavour!

Pittas can enjoy the “Wild At Heart” bar, which we’ve selected firstly, because we feel it’s a good mantra for “Pitta” (WILD AT HEART 😉). Secondly, the bars are enriched with wild blue-green algae, organic maca and vanilla which all get a thumbs up for pacifying Pitta.