The difference between Prakruti and Vikruti.

what you need to know.

If you recently took the Dosha Quiz on our website, then you need to learn a bit about the difference between Prakruti and Vikruti, in order to move forward and start making Ayurvedic lifestyle choices to compliment your nature. Read the descriptions below for more information...


Your Prakruti is the ratio (or balance) of doshas you were born with (as Mother Nature created you). If one or two doshas came up on top in your dosha test, then you should pay attention to those doshas especially, because they are most natural and inherent to your unique mind/body type. However, please do not get too over attached to your Prakruti result. All too often these days, we hear people peddling this very simplified version of Ayurveda, that is so fixated on people’s prakruti result. Let me tell you right now, that you are a highly individual person and like no other being on this planet. You are far more complex and far more special than to be boxed up and put into some prison cell, surrounded by one isolated dosha! So, the point is to be mindful of your prakruti result, but not overly concerned by it. Just know that we are all made up from all the doshas. Instead, we suggest that you pay more attention to your Vikruti.


To become an Ayurveda master you actually need to learn about all three doshas, because everything in the universe (yourself included) is actually formed from them all. The doshas  work in unison to process all functions of your mind and body. The doshas are constantly moving all the time (like waves on the shore) and are easily swayed by the seasons, time of day and the different stages of your life. This current state or ratio of the doshas in your mind and body right now is what is known in Ayurveda as your Vikruti. To find balance therefore, you need to be able to recognise what dosha is currently aggravated at any given time in your life. This can be a bit difficult for the newcomer to Ayurveda, but to maker the process simple, we created a free online tool called the Kalsi Dosha Imbalance Test. This is a separate test you can use at anytime to find out which dosha is out of balance RIGHT NOW.

We have different dosha tests for Prakruti and Vikruti.

Now you understand the difference between Prakruti and Vikruti, you may want to retake your dosha quizzes! We have 2x separate tests on the website (for free) that you can use to calculate your Prakruti and Vikruti. 😀