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Copper Tongue Scraper


Tongue scraping is a great and simple Ayurvedic ritual to bring into your Dinacharya (morning routine). Every night when we sleep, our bodies attempt to push toxins out from our bodies. Just as we get sand in our eyes, our digestive system similarly tries to expel toxins, by depositing nasties from the gut onto the surface of our tongue. Read more below…



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If you take a close look at your tongue first thing in the morning, you will often notice a thin white layer. The conventional method of brushing ones teeth first thing in the morning means we end up massaging this white scummy layer deep into the tongue tissue 😱. Our bodies have worked so hard through the night to push this unwanted stuff to the surface and all we end up doing is pushing it further back down again!!!! Ayurveda provides an ancient and very simple solution of tongue scraping FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.

Copper is naturally anti-bacterial, which makes this particular tongue scraper especially good to use. It might take some time to get used to the ritual of tongue scraping, so go slowly in the beginning to avoid retching.

Tongue scraping has many benefits and once you begin this daily ayurvedic ritual you will hopefully notice the following benefits…

#fresher breathe throughout the day
#improved immune system
#improved digestion
#improved taste
#reduction in dental related issues

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