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What makes Kalsi bottles different?

Premium Quality Copper

Pure and Natural Materials

Plastic Free Packaging

30 Day Money Back Promise


1 week ago
Tanya G

Coolest thing I got this month 😀 Love the bottle... thanks guys at Kalsi

1 week ago
Janet T

There was a slight delay in receiving my order, otherwise I would have given 5 stars. The bottle arrived after 6 days and happy to have finally received it. The bottle is a decent size, feels and looks great. The water tastes good too and happy to be receiving all the benefits.

3 weeks ago
Charlotte R

I was a bit sceptical at first (thinking how can a copper bottle do all these incredible things) but quite frankly after using the bottle for a couple of weeks now, I am impressed. 😀 I just fill the bottle with normal tap water at night and drink about a quarter first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You really can taste the difference in the water, which is much softer than the hard heavy chlorine-tasting tap water I get in my area. This bottle looks lovely and is aesthetically beautiful.

4 weeks ago
Rochelle B

I have been using the Kalsi bottle for about a week now and just wanted to say how much I love it! I actually feel so much better for drinking the water. It tastes great and really feel like I am getting all the benefits. Thanks guys at Kalsi for such an amazing product!

1 month ago
Hannah B

The entire experience of ordering this bottle has been fantastic! Everything from the quick shipping to The eco packaging, the quality of the bottle and the how-to instructions. I really recommend Kalsi Ayurveda.

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Need More Info?

Need More Info?

What is the capacity of the bottle?



What are the dimensions of the bottle?

7.5cm x 27cm


What is the weight of the bottle?

Approximately 300 grams


Can I use the bottle for hot drinks?

No…hot water can be used for cleaning purposes only, but we advise you to not drink anything hot inside this bottle.


Can I use the bottle for juices and other cold drinks?

No… This bottle is recommended for storing/drinking plain water only.  Ayurveda advises you to drink water at room temperature, but it is safe to store this bottle in the fridge if you require chilled water.


Is the bottle double-wall insulated?

No… Double wall insulation is a common feature with stainless steel water bottles. Copper is a ductile metal, which makes it difficult to construct into the bottle shape. This is why the bottles are handmade rather than machine produced.


How long do I need to keep the water inside the bottle to reap the benefits?

This really depends on what reason you are using the bottle for….

1) For sterilising your drinking water.

If you are using the bottle to sterilise your drinking water then this process happens fully within 4 hours, however more recent studies have shown that copper delivers a 90%+ reduction of contact bacteria and viruses in less than 5 minutes.

2) For additional health benefits of copper water.

Traditionally in India, people store water in their copper vessels overnight and then drink a glass on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Based upon this tradition, we recommend keeping water inside your Kalsi bottle for 6-8 hours to reap the maximum benefits.

3) For Normal Drinking!

Of course you may just want to use your Kalsi bottle because it looks cool, in which case you are free to fill it with water and drink anytime you wish. Just remember to only use it for drinking water and to never mix any juices or other liquids inside the bottle.

Have more questions about ordering with Kalsi? Please see our general FAQ section.

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