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Natural Vetiver Root Bath Scrubber

3 Pack


An all natural and exfoliating bath scrubber, handwoven from vetiver grass roots. Ayurveda has long praised vetiver for its potent skin-regenerating, anti-inflammatory and tension relieving qualities. Vetiver has a naturally cooling effect and belongs to a group of herbs that is pitta-reducing. In aromatherapy, vetiver is used to treat nervousness and insomnia, making it a great herb for reducing vata imbalances too. Read more below…



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This natural bathing scrubber might feel a little rough on the skin if used directly like a traditional loofah. We advise soaking the scrubber in warm water for at least 10 minutes prior to bathing to soften the roots and release the naturally sweet aromas. Gently massage the skin during your bathing ritual to relax the entire body and remove any dead skin cells. The cooling qualities of the vetiver can also make this a great tool to soothe pain caused from waxing or similar skin irritations that cause a “burning” sensation.

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