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Pure Copper Bottle 500ml

Grade B

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These are much the same as our Grade A copper bottles, the only difference being that some might be slightly dented, scraped or scuffed on the outside. We received a batch from our suppliers, where the logos were misprinted and look slightly blurred. So, if you don’t mind a a few cosmetics marks on the outside then grab yourself a bargain!



For centuries, people in India have been drinking water stored in copper containers. Copper is naturally antibacterial and is also considered to be an essential mineral that’s vital for our bodies and wellbeing. When water is stored overnight in a copper vessel it naturally Alkalises the water, and Alkaline water is widely known to have many health benefits.

Copper-charged water, which is said to be…

– Be balancing for all three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)
– Stimulate the brain
– Aid in weight loss
– Slow down the ageing process
– Help with arthritis and joint pains
– Relieve aches and pains
– Contain anti-oxidants associated with preventing cancer
– Support the digestive system
– Promote the production of melanin in our bodies
– Maintain good cholesterol levels
– Regulate women’s menstrual cycles
– Prevent seizures
– Improve the immune system

Traditionally, Ayurveda advises storing cold water in a copper vessel overnight and then drinking a glass first thing in the morning. The water should be stored for a minimum of eight hours in order for the copper to charge the water effectively. Copper is a highly reactive metal and you will instantly notice the distinct metallic flavour of the copper-charged water when you begin this morning ritual.

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