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Pure Copper Bottle 950ml

Grade A


For centuries, people in India have been drinking water stored in copper containers. Copper is naturally antibacterial and is also considered to be an essential mineral that’s vital for our bodies and wellbeing. When water is stored overnight in a copper vessel it naturally Alkalises the water, and Alkaline water is widely known to have many health benefits.


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Copper Charged Water Benefits.

There are many health benefits associated with drinking copper water. To give a quick summary here are just a few good reasons…

# Naturally Alkalises water

# Strengthens and supports the immune system

# Kills bacteria and sanitises your water (makes a great travelling bottle!)

# Balances all three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

# Stimulates the brain

# Aids in weight loss

# Helps with arthritis and joint pains

# Relieves aches and pains

# Supports the digestive system

# Promotes the production of melanin in our bodies

# Maintains good cholesterol levels

# Regulates women’s menstrual cycles

# Prevents seizures

What Makes Kalsi Different?

1) We do not use any toxic chemicals to make our copper bottles.  

When it comes to your drinking water, you can not afford to take any risks and it’s a shame to say, but there are many sellers in this space, that claim to sell the “real-deal”, but in actual fact are using materials that can be harmful to your health.

2) Our bottles are the purest quality alloyed with zinc for extra immune system support.

Copper is a highly ductile material and therefore needs a negligible amount of alloy to be mixed in order to achieve the bottle shape. At Kalsi, our bottles always contain 98%+ purity of copper. We then blend a small amount of zinc into our bottles, because zinc has additional health benefits, especially for supporting a strong immune system.

3) We don’t use any toxic polish.

Even more concerning is the fact that some copper bottle suppliers use a toxic polish to make the bottle look shiny on the outside. In some cases this harmful substance is even used inside the bottle too, and is definitely not recommended for storing your drinking water!!! All of our Kalsi copper water bottles are made using only the finest purity of high-grade copper (99%+ purity). We use a food grade polish on the external of the bottles only, to give them a lovely shine and all Kalsi bottles are always pure and contain no toxic materials of any kind.

4) Earth-Friendly Packaging. 

All of our Kalsi Copper Bottles are packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging (NO POINTLESS PLASTIC), and are constructed from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials. Please note that we also sell our bottles via Amazon and unfortunately it is beyond our control, which outer packaging Amazon uses to fulfil Kalsi orders.

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