Tranquil Tulsi Box

What's inside...

Tulsi Tea - Heath & HeatherCalm Balm - Skin & TonicTulsi & Neem Yogi Soap - Holy LamaTulsi Incense - Ancient Tibetan BrandMother Earth Foot Mask - OvviovitaPopped Sourghum - Not CornNatural Energy Drink - Brain Fud

Retail Value: £46.00

Say hello to Tulsi – aka Holy Basil (Queen of the herbs) and one of Ayurveda’s most prized plants! Tulsi is a miraculous herb that can benefit just about anyone. In the traditional Vedic texts, Tulsi is described as being the most sacred plant on earth! We could spend all day talking about the spiritual and medicinal benefits of Tulsi, but to give you a quick teaser, let’s just begin by describing Tulsi as “liquid yoga”. In a similar way to yoga, Tulsi’s properties help to nourish the holistic self, while bestowing a mellowed-out sense of wellbeing. And, like yoga, Tulsi bestows clarity, awareness, and calmness. Inside this Tulsi-themed box you will find a lovely Yogi Soap from Holy Lama, which recently won an award for it's innovative natural and eco-friendly packaging (wrapped in a palm leaf). To keep in line with our grounding tulsi theme, we've also included a restorative "calm balm" from Skin & Tonic plus an Ayurvedic foot clay from Ovviovita.

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