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Box Contents

  • CALM BALM : Skin & Tonic
  • BATHTUB TEA : Living Naturally
  • CLEANSE TEA: Aduna


by Skin & Tonic

A delightful way to find some ‘Calm in the Chaos’ comes from using this dreamy creamy balm. Breathe in the lovely fragrance to help restore balance to your doshas as you relax and calm your mood. Skin & Tonic have used 100% natural oils and Shea butter, together with chamomile, calendula and lavender, making this the perfect balm to set your intention for the next yoga class. The calm balm simultaneously soothes dry or damaged skin, aids restful sleep and relieves stress.

Apply Calm Balm to your wrists and temples before sleeping and experience the beautiful dreamy aroma in order to relax. Perfect for soothing nerves during long-haul air travel and for soothing dry skin. This multifunctional ‘friend’ helps those with Eczema, insomnia and stress. All dosha types will benefit from its balancing and nourishing qualities.  Perfect.


by  Soapnuts / Living Naturally

Surround yourself with organic rose petals as you take a luxurious bath with this sublime Bathtub Tea. The vegan coconut powder will gently cleanse and remove dry skin. It also moisturises and hydrates your body as the rose petals dissolve and disperse their natural anti-bacterial treatment. A perfect ‘brew’ of soothing and healing derived from nature’s gifts. Turn on the taps and soak up the goodness.

Coconut oil heals sunburn so this might be a perfect ‘tea’ to take on holiday. Rose petals soothe and tone the skin. The combined effect heals and relieves your whole body. The coconut palm tree is known as KALPA VRIKSHA in India, which means ‘the tree that provides all you need to live’.

Rose petals soothe the skin and are also beneficial for the heart. Bringing together the unique gifts from both the coconut and the rose means that this BATHTUB TEA is an idea from Holistic Hydrating Heaven!


by Aduna

This amazing powder is made from the organic dried leaves of the Moringa ‘Miracle Tree’. Ayurvedic medicine has used the leaves, pods and roots of Moringa (sometimes known as Munaga or Sajna) for centuries. By adding two or three teaspoons to your food or drinks every day – you will benefit in SO many ways. Exceptionally rich in nutrients it is a source of at least 5 essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamins A, E & K plus iron and calcium). Furthermore it contains 25% PLANTPROTEIN as well as 24% of fibre. A truly magnificent health food it reduces fatigue, aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces blood glucose – and that’s not all!!

Adaptogens are herbs or plants, which protect the body from the toxic effects of stress. This then eases both mind and body. The miraculous Moringa Tree has provided Ayurvedic Medicine with many treatments including those to boost energy, relieve skin or eye problems, combat diabetes, aid digestion and reduce stress. All of which helps to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Recent scientific studies have supported the Ayurvedic belief that Moringa reduces blood glucose levels. This fantastic powder contains 25% PLANT PROTEIN – a healthier alternative to meat-based protein. Sprinkle some on your meals and salads, bake some in your bread or cakes, add to your soups and mix into your healthy drinks. Aduna uses only organic certified Moringa leaves, which are free from any harmful substances. No additives because there is no need!! Boost your nutrients and balance your doshas with this essential treasure.


by Aduna

Continuing with our MORINGA theme here are fifteen little pyramids of tea to enjoy. Moringa leaves (40%) are combined with peppermint, nettle, fennel seeds and liquorice root. This cleansing and purifying brew refreshes and stimulates the digestive system. Although Aduna is a health food brand using ethically-sourced African produce, the Ayurvedic philosophy from India esteems the MORINGA OLEIFERA wherever it grows. Cultures from around the world praise the benefits of Moringa, so put the kettle on!

These caffeine-free tea bags are 100% organic and only the purest, greenest Moringa leaves are picked and combined with fragrant peppermint and invigorating nettle. Sip it hot to give your day a great start or try the Iced Tea version. Moringa leaves have 4 times the calcium of milk, 25 times the iron of spinach and 15 times the potassium of bananas. A deeply effective cleanser and rejuvenator. Bag yourself a cuppa from The Miracle Tree.


by The Body Shop

Our ‘Moringa’ treats continue as we present a heart-shaped Bath Bubble from that legendary ethical beauty business – The Body Shop. As the bubbles fizz and explode in your bathtub there is a fresh scent of Moringa flowers and the water becomes bright yellow with the promise of Spring. A fun way to celebrate the joys of Moringa and a great way to soak up all the benefits to your skin and senses.

Dame Anita Roddick created The Body Shop and believed in the following commitment  “The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed”The Body Shop aims to ENRICH NOT EXPLOIT. This enrichment applies to People, Products and the Planet. Similarly, Ayurveda encourages us to look after our bodies and emotions – to cherish our planet and plants – to aim for a balance between self-interest and helping others. Look after yourself so that you are better able to look after others. As you lie back and luxuriate in your yellow Moringa bubbly bath – contemplate how the wonders of nature can both comfort and inspire.


by Aduna

This energy bar contains a whole teaspoon of Moringa Powder combined with cashews, dates and mangoes. No added sugar and a source of plant protein, fibre and manganese. Slow energy release from this delicious bar helps us to maintain healthy eating throughout the day. A hint of fiery ginger adds to the flavour. The ideal snack and a way to take in your daily dose of ‘Miracle Tree’ Moringa.

Great for fuelling your workout or recovering afterwards. One of the tastiest ways to benefit from Moringa’s treasure trove of health and well-being. Our busy lives often require nourishment ‘on the go’ – the Green Goodness Bar is waiting for you. Put it in your bag, or your glovebox, or your lunchbox, or your snack cupboard …. or better still … straight into your mouth. Yummy Moringa!!


by Charitea

This delicious tea in a bottle is organic and ethically sourced by Charitea who go beyond Fair Trade and support social projects in the growing regions. More than 3 million Euros has been raised for projects in Sri Lanka, South Africa and Latin America. We have chosen ChariTea Red for Pitta this month and ChariTea Green for both Vata and Kapha. Organic ingredients are used and no artifical preservatives or flavours are used at all. These teas are good for the consumers and for the producers too.

Charitea Green is an energizing and hydrating liquid joy and a “sun salutation”.  Every bottle sold donates 5 pence to the LemonAid & ChariTea Foundation, which funds social projects in the growing regions.