Made up from elements of Earth and Water the Kapha dosha is the one that binds and holds everything together. Think of Kapha as being like the anchor on a ship or a paperweight. It uses its heavy and earthy qualities to hold you firmly down to the ground, providing a sense of support and stability. If we didn’t have any Kapha in our constitution, then we would most probably look like some slimy, spineless, slithery creature from a swamp! Only joking. What I am trying to say is that it’s the Kapha within us all that gives us form and structure.The Kapha dosha is responsible for providing support in the body, including your bone density, fluid and fat regulation. Kapha is also responsible for providing you with strength and stamina. In light of its earthy and watery properties, the Kapha dosha is comprised from the following qualities…

Qualities of Kapha Dosha

The main attributes of the Kapha Dosha are as follows...

• Heavy.
• Stable.
• Slow.
• Cold.
• Oily.
• Lubricating.
• Soft.
• Dense.
• Stodgy. 

Bodily Functions of Kapha Dosha

The Kapha dosha is responsible for the following bodily functions…

• Providing strength and stamina.
• Providing stability and support.
• Holding you together. 
• Supporting your muscles and joints. 
• Lubricating the cells and organs to avoid friction. 
• Producing bodily fluids. 
• Facilitating rest, recovery and repair.
• Moisturising the skin. 
• Maintaining immunity. 

Mental Functions of Kapha Dosha

And in the mind, Kapha is responsible for the following functions…

Memory retention.
• Acts of kindness.
• Nurturance. 
• Charity. 
• Love and compassion.

Kapha Imbalances

Kapha imbalances can often be observed whenever we experience the following symptoms…

• Feeling cold.• Weight gain.• Fluid retention.• Clammy hands.• Congested sinuses.• Lethargy.• Mucus development. • Slow stools.• Breathing difficulties.• Depression.• Laziness.• Loneliness.• Longing. • Dwelling on the past. • Jealousy. • Over attachment.   

Location Of Kapha Dosha

According to Ayurveda, the doshas are located in different areas of the body, and the Kapha dosha predominantly resides in the following regions…

• Lungs.
• Stomach.
• Pancreas.
• Plasma.
• Lymph Nodes.
• Sinuses.
• Nose.
• Tongue.
• Joints. 

Do you need to focus on balancing Kapha?

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